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 Stewart Rollers is a small business located in Stewart Minnesota owned by Arlen Aas.  We rent rollers that are used to roll or flatten seedbeds after planting small grain, peas or soybeans in spring. Rollers are also used in fall to flatten fields as a preparation for spring tillage when planting sugar beets.  Farmers who bale corn stalks use a roller ahead of a rake or baler in cornfields to prepare for baling.  Rental rates are $3.75 an acre for rollers.  Rollers are rented primarily within a 25 mile radius of Stewart. We deliver rollers if needed but generally they are passed from one neighbor to the next during the hectic spring season.  You can inquire about a roller by calling Arlen at 320-583-4110 or PUT THE NUMBER IN YOUR PHONE!!! Thanks for looking!!!!!



We have five (5) fold up style SUMMERS 45 foot rollers. Rollers are generally used to flatten a field after planting to create a smooth surface for harvesting in the fall.  Smaller rocks are pressed into the soil (pick the big ones right??) and dirt clods and corn root balls are flattened.  Harvesting speed is maximized and the potential for combine damage from eating rocks is minimized.

You don't need a four wheel drive to pull it....but sure works nice!!!


sOMETHING NEW! (great for peas..)

We have added two (2) new 50 foot specialty rollers to the inventory for 2016.  These specially built rollers by Harms have "ribs" that leave a "divot" in soil surface to help manage crusting after a heavy rain. The divot is same depth as that of a Brillion roller but fewer divots so less potential for compaction. Designed primarily for rolling after pea planting so that if you get a hard rain after planting/rolling the soil will "crack" between divots after the soil dries enabling peas (or small grain) to penetrate crust.....divots are proven to work.  Rolling of peas is essential to allow harvesting crews to drop heads low.  Rolling with a "divot" roller will give you that extra assurance of good emergence. Even if you own a heavy conventional "flat" roller....isn't it worth $3.75 an acre to take that extra step to get maximum emergence?  We have the only two rollers of this design on the planet........ if you see a benefit of this type of roller....its possible to attach ribs on any other roller.  The only way to to try this one!!


Erosion control???

The new roller design with the ribs are functional in the control of blowing corn trash and drifting topsoil. We all agree that we need to get better at this....... The ribs "tuck in"  some of the trash on the soil surface to anchor it to keep it out of the road/drainage ditches. You will need to drive slower to get the tucking effect or you will get a rotary hoe effect instead.  Note that the center four feet of the center roller on the new machine(s) has twice as many ribs as the rest of the machine.  This section was built that way to see if more ribs are better than fewer can do your own comparison.!



A packer(for building roads) are very heavy machines with wide ribs that are made for packing wet clay.  A roller is much lighter (this Harms weighs half of a conventional flat roller) and will leave a footprint close to the weight of your shoe. This new roller is heavy enough to push down rocks(a Brillion won't get 'em all) strong enough to withstand rugged use without self-destructing.  The ribs are far enough apart to leave a divot without adding to compaction.  This is not a 10 mph roller. You will need to slow down to get the "divot" effect......  and has scrapers....  Remember...acres per hour equals width time 5 mph times 50 feet will still get a lot done....and get it done right.

This is a photo of a field after rolling with the HARMS ribbed roller. Experience from 2016 showed that when planting grass it works best to roll after working ground then plant (blow on seed or drill it in) and roll after planting.  Perfect stand......